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lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

MARTIN: We should never forget about our true passion

Needless to say, we all have to make the best of the opportunities that come our way, but we should never forget about our true passion. If in the deepest part of yourself you feel that you are a poet, regardless of whether you are a doctor or an accountant, you shouldn’t stop writing your poetry. On the contrary: It is important to remember that what you do and what you are are not always the same thing. Both are part of life, part of the same journey. If you don’t try to do what you are really passionate about, you will never make your dreams come true. You may have lots of things, like beautiful houses or fancy cars. You may find love and have a family that adores you. You can have all that and a lot more. But if you are a poet, and you don’t write poems, how will you win the award for poetry that you have always dreamed of? If you don’t cultivate your passion, you will always feel a void. You will always feel that something is missing. I am not saying that you have to leave your work and write poems twenty-four hours a day, but each and every one of us should always try as hard as possible to never abandon our dreams.

Ricky MARTIN, Me, Celebra, Toronto, 2010.